Dancing, singing or acting parties
Creating lasting memories for your children

Party Costs & Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a party cost?

1 hour = £150

1.5 hours = £160

2 hours = £180

*minimal travel fee for presenter petrol expenses maybe included. 

What is involved?

We will provide all music, song lyrics or scripts. We are fully insured and each presenter has a DBS. 

The party will be based around your chosen song, dance or scene. We will tailor warm up's, activities, rehearsals with oodles of fun finalising in a performance for you parents!

What age are your parties suited for?

The youngest age would be 4 years old and there is no upper age limit. We have specially designed packages for teenagers.

Who will be my presenter?

We will allocate you the nearest presenter to your location. They will be a qualified performer with loads of performance experience, tons of energy and a delightful way with children. We will send you an informative PDF about your presenter so you can get to know him/her before the party.

What type of parties do you do?

Our parties are Performing Arts based. This means we can be as creative as you would like, but our main parties are:

West End Stars or Disney – we have a lot of Musical Theatre presenters who love nothing more than singing and dancing and looking into Musicals. So you tell us your child’s favourite Musical or Disney show and our presenters will teach songs, dances and delve into the characters.

Dance – with one of our wonderfully talented Choreographer presenters your child and friends will learn a spectacular dance to a song of their choice. 

Drama – with one of our Actor presenters your child and friends will get to revel in a world of acting and drama. You can choose adventures with Fairies, Sea creatures, Pirates, Princesses, Spies, Aliens, Heroes, Animals – the choice is as endless as our imaginations!

What locations do you cover?

London, Herts, Beds, Bucks, Essex, Kent, Surrey and Leicester.

Where can I hold the party?

That is completely up to you. Our presenters will come to your home or to a venue you have hired for your party.

Is there a limit to how many children can be at the party?

The presenter can facilitate up to 20 children. If you have more children we will also provide an assistant presenter (for a small extra charge) Therefore, your party can have an unlimited number of children!

Is there a food break during the party?

Not for the 1 hour party. We would do the party either before or after the food, depending on which is best for you.

Yes for the 1.5 or 2 hour party. We can have a half hour break for food and birthday cake within this time frame.

Does the presenter come with their own equipment?

Yes! All we need from you is a socket and the children!

Do your presenters have a DBS (new CRB) and insurance?

Yes. All our presenters are fully qualified actors, singers and dancers. They have a current DBS and insurance.

Do your presenters come in costume?

Our parties are dance, singing and/or drama parties so your presenter will arrive in appropriate clothing for movement and will be wearing a 'Vision Performing Arts Party T Shirt' so they can be clearly seen by children and adults.

Is there a deposit?

Yes once you have formalised a booking there is a non-refundable deposit of £50 then the remainder of party fee must be paid before the party.

How do I book?

If you send us an email or give us a phone call and we will call you back. We will take all the details for your party and the deposit. Then we will send you an email confirming all details and deposit payment. A few days before your party, your presenter will give you a call and let you know when they will be arriving, confirm all details and learn a little about your child. 

What time will the presenter arrive?

The presenter will arrive 20 minutes before your booked start time.

Do you cater for children with special needs?

Yes we do! Many of our presenters have experience working with children with physical or learning disabilities. Our parties can be tailored to the children’s needs, not a problem at all.

Can we take photos or video?

Why yes and if you send any photos/video to us for our website (making sure no child can be identified by written name in the photo and parents have given permission) then we will give your child a little gift in the post to say thank you!

Do you only do parties at birthdays?

No. We will do parties wherever you would like. Any event, occasion, school, corporate, commercial organisation … you name it we will provide a party for it.

Are there any added extras?

1 - The birthday child and their friends will receive a certificate at the end of the party! This is included in the party price.

2 - We can give your children a mini make over for £3.00/child. This includes hair glitter, lip gloss and appropriate removable tattoos.

3 - We can provide party bags for £3.00/bag. Party bags include 4 small gifts (they don't include sweets or cake) 

If you have any other questions please do call or email.

We look forward to hearing from you!